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IPL cancellation will result in loss of 3000 crores

IPL रद्द किये जाने पर 3000 करोड़ का नुक्सान होगा नहीं मिल पायेगा क्रिकेटर्स को पैसा इसलिए घरेलु प्लेयर्स मुश्किल में | IPL postponed till 14 April due to COVID-19 The threat of cancellation on the current session Players will not get money when tournament is canceled Franchisees will not pay players salary if the game is not done In such a situation, domestic players are seen falling in Problem  No play, no salary. This could happen to the players who signed the IPL this year as it has been postponed. It is unlikely to be held until the BCCI prepares its alternate window at the end of the year. A senior IPL franchise official said, "The IPL payment method is such that 15% of the money is paid a week before the tournament starts. 65% is awarded during the tournament. The remaining 20% ​​is given within the stipulated time after the completion of the tournament. The BCCI has special guidelines. Certainly nothing has been given to any player yet. ' As