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When you watch an IPL cricket match, you must have seen an advertisement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the middle, if you also want to make Mahendra Singh Dhoni, then create your Dream 11 Team. Now many people do not know what is Dream 11 and how to play and win it, friends, in today's post, we are going to tell you about "dream 11 fantasy cricket", after reading this post completely, there is nothing like it What you will not know.

Like you know how much craze of IPL cricket match in the whole world. Because it has almost all the cricket team of the world. And when all those teams are combined and separate teams are formed, then its thrill is increased.

If you are fond of watching and playing cricket matches. And you are always updated with the world of cricket, so you can earn millions of rupees by making your dream 11 team. And this is a reality that you can really earn money online.

Dream 11 has started since 2008. Although there are many more websites on which you can earn money by making your own cricket team, but in today's time, dream 11 is the most popular and reliable website. Because this website Govt. Approved by. You can transfer the amount won in dream 11 directly to your bank account.

Previously Rs 250 was given for joining Dream 11 fantasy cricket, but in today's time its Refer and Earn Program has changed, if you register by clicking on the Referred link and enter its code, then both will get Rs 100. is. Which you can play by making dream 11 cricket team without any investment.

What is dream 11 fantasy cricket

Dream 11 is an online cricket play and win website. In which you have to form a team using your cricket knowledge. In this, you have to choose the best player from both teams who perform the best in the match. If your selected players perform well then you win that contest and you get the first prize amount.

For example- dream 11 matches that are going to happen, all of them are shown on the home page. Suppose India vs srilanka is a match, then you have to select 11 players from both teams. In which 1 wicket keeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 all-Rounders and 3-5 Bowlers can select. You can only select a maximum of 7 players from any team.

After choosing your dream 11 team, you have to select the captain and voice captain, then select the amount of contest you want to join. In this way you can play dream 11 game.

How to Play Dream 11 fantasy cricket

First of all, you have to join dream 11 fantasy cricket, for this you should use the Refer link so that you can get a profit of 100 rupees. Without the Refer link, you have to add your money to dream 11, so click on the Refer link and use the same code.

As soon as you click on the Register Button, a new page opens in front of you. Click on “Have a Referral Code” at the bottom.

The Register and Play screen is now open. Where at the top you have to enter the Referral code  then type your password by entering your mobile number and email address. And click on the REGISTER button.

Now an OTP comes on the mobile number you had inserted, if the number is in the same mobile, then the OTP automatically enters.

A screen appears as soon as OTP enters. In which you see a pick an upcoming match. Select any match.

After this, you have to select your dream 11 team. In which 1 wicket keeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 all-Rounders and 3-5 Bowlers can select. For this you are given 100 point to select any 11 players.

After choosing your dream 11 team, you have to select a captain and voice captain. The point you choose the captain is increased by 1.5 times its point double and voice captain.

After this, a list comes to join the contest in front of you. Join the contest for the amount of money you want to join.

If you do not want to join the contest right now or do not have money in your dream 11, then at the bottom you can join the practice match absolutely for free.

Now as soon as that match is selected, as soon as the match starts, then the players you select perform likewise, according to which your rank increase and decrease, you can also see it simultaneously in dream 11.

How to play and win dream 11 fantasy cricket tips

1. Before selecting the players of Dream 11 team, see their previous match performance and only then select your team.

2. Before selecting your team, keep an eye on every news related to that match, so that you do not select players who are not in that match.

3. Before the match starts, it must be seen which player is in the team, if not, then you change it.

4. Do a thorough research before selecting your team captain and voice captain. Because this is what makes you the winner of dream 11 game.

5. Before selecting captain and voice captain, it must be seen at which number he comes. Never stop the game before it

6. If you use more than one mobile, then select different teams in both mobiles.

7. Before selecting your dream 11 team, get dream11 prediction information from a website like Playing idea

Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket Rules and Points System

1. Whichever captain you select, its points are doubled i.e. multiply by 2.

2. Voice captain's points are multiplied by 1.5.

3. Batsman makes a run, then he gets 0.5 point.

4. Blower takes a wicket and gets 10 point.

5. If a player catches, he gets 4 point.

6. When you hit a four, you get 0.5 point.

7. 1 point is given by hitting a six.


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