10 Interesting facts and Records about IPL : Indian Premier League (2019)

10 Interesting facts and Records about IPL : Indian Premier League (2019)

Indian Premier League (2020)

Hello friends welcome to Dream11 Expert Team India, cricket is considered as a religion.Everybody here is crazy for cricket and today we are going to tell you about some of the interesting facts related to IPL which you will be stunned to hear. Each season of IPL is filled with controversies,and many records are also made in it.For cricket fans, we want to share someof the facts about IPLthat you neither knownor will you get such information from outside.So watch this videoand the IPL from April 7 to May 27 this year.10)IPL is such a cricket tournament in historythat together with four field commentators took part.This happened in the IPL 2015 tournament.These commentators were Anjum Choprawho is from India, Lisa Stalekarand Melanie Jones from Australiaand Isha Guha who is from EnglandThis four commentators have also beena former cricketer of their country.9)There are two such cricket playerswho have played with six teams in their IPL career.This player is Parthiv Patel who is an Indian playerand Aaron Finch is the Australian cricket teamParthiv has played for Chennai Super Kings,Kochi Tuskers, Deccan Chargers,Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangaloreand Mumbai Indians.Aaron Finch has played for Rajasthan Royals,Delhi Daredevils, Pune Warriors India,Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indiansand Gujarat LionsDo you know which player is the manwho won the Man of the matchmost often in the IPL series?Is he Dhoni or Raina orGambhir or Rohit Sharma?If your answer is any of these,then you are absolutely wrongbecause the correct answer is Yusuf Pathanwho is known as India's most aggressive anddestructive player and who is fully capable ofturning the match into his glorious innings.For second Gautam Gambhir havethe worst record in IPLGautam is one such player whose names have highestducks in IPL history which are higest among players7)Do you recognize Ness Wadia?Kings X1 is co-owner of Punjab Ness Wadiaand they have 23% share of this team.Nes is also associated withDimple Girl Preity ZintaYou must not know about NES that Nessis from the family of Muhammad Ali Jinnahwho founded PakistanNess is the nephew of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Maryam JinnahAren't you surprised?Mumbai Indians have thehighest percentage of victory in IPLwhere they played 140 matches, won 80and lost 60 matchesand the winning percentage is 57.14%While Delhi Daredevils has lost most matchesWhile Delhi Daredevils has lost 74 matches,but has won only 56 total matches.while talking about cricket and Dhonishould mentioned in anyway.MS Dhoni has been the most successful captain in IPL history,who has won more than 80 matches.Their success rate is 60.93which is the highest.Any team that Dhoni has captained,has reached the semi-finals so far.Chris Gayle has won the title of Man of the match for 15 times in the IPL.4. It is believed thatthe total value of IPL in 2009was $ 2.01 billion,which increasedto $ 4.13 billion in 2010It is estimated that by the Brand Consultancy"Brand Finance" of England.This year only about 431 million players have been spent in the auctionfrom this point you can guesswhat the value of the entire season will be.The surprise thing about the IPL is also thatif the 10th season of the IPL is not organizedthe BCCI which is richest cricket association mayhave become bankruptWell we do not confirm how much truth is in this news. In IPL, there are two such playerswho played for four different teamsand each time they have been together.So far both of them have played eight seasons,they are together in the same team.He played for the Mumbai Indians in 2008,after that the Royal Challengers Bangaloreand for both the Pune Warriors,now both is playing withKolkata Knight Riders from 2014Both of these players are Robin Uthappaand Manish Pandey and interestingly,both of those living are from the samestate i.e. Karnataka.The special thing about IPL is that in this,many boys get a chance to show their talent.Piyush Chawla is a similar player who hastaken more than 100 wicketsin his IPL career and the special thing is thathe has not bowled anyone or has given "no ball" till nowbut he has the given most Six runs too!Cricket is such a game whereanything can happen anywhere.IPL matches come like afestival all over the country,where there aredifferent teams, players from countries other than India also participate in it.Its similar feature is that there isno effect of the age difference of the players hereAs in 2015 when the team ofRajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalorewere both together at the final,Rajasthan Royals had Praveen Dhambay which who were 44 years old Of the same, the Sarfaraz Khan of Royal Challengers Bangalorewas only 18 years old and the difference between the two players was 26 years old.In the same way there are many players in itthe difference between age is very high.Which team are you supporting this IPL season? please write to us on the comment section Check out our second post related to cricket Top 10 cricketers who have married Bollywood actresses Do not forget to subscribe to our blog


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