Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag | What The Duck

Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag | What The Duck 

Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag

So Viru is doing this and singing away And 3-4-5 overs passed like this I was wondering what is happening?I said, “Now you have to stop or else I’ll hit you”Still he was doing this and then in a hurry he told me, “If I stop singing, there are a lot of thoughts rushing in,my mind isn’t in one place, it’s roaming here and there, so to keep my mind busy, I am singing” Sathaye, congrats! -Hello, sir!How are you? -What The Duck 3!That’s amazing! -Budget has increased a little sir That’s all fine.. -Hello guys!Oh, hello! -HelloOh, you’re here too?I give this to him all the time Today, you’ll need this too Banana? -Keep it, I’ll tell you the storyI know why he gave it to me, Sathaye but I don’t know why he gave it to you Actually, Viru used to talk a lot in the dressing room about whatever is happening outside, what to do and what notBasically what I used to do is, far away from the dressing room‘Viru!’ At least he keeps his mouth shut thenSo when I saw you here today I got this for the both of you, one goes here and one goes hereThat’s very necessary!Okay basically we’ll be quiet and Pajji will speak -Sathaye, you’re luckySathaye, you’re lucky! God himself has come to give you offerings I have got it a lot!Eat, eat, eat!I have got it a lot! -But Sachin,giving a banana in the dressing room, shut his mouth, all that’s fineWhat will happen in social media? There you can’t shut him upNo one can control Viru thereNo, there I can’t control ViruFirst 6 overs…But tell us -But I have never written without askingWithout asking who? -God!No, no, Viru has that understanding, he’s a non-strikerWithout asking God, I haven’t written anything as suchOne time I made a mistake, I wrote something but I asked for forgiveness the way you askedI asked for forgiveness..But Virendra Sehwag, was he like this from the start? -No...Earlier I remember, when Viru entered the team, he never talked too much with meSo I thought it can’t go on like thisWe need to talk to each other If we are batting together, at least I should make him comfortable So I told him, let’s go for a mealBefore going for the meal, I asked what he likedFirstly he told me, ‘Pajji, I’m a vegetarian’I asked, ‘Why?’He says, ‘I was told at my house if you eat chicken, you’ll grow fat’I said, ‘Is that so?Do I look fat to you?’ I have been eating chicken all these yearsAnd then I asked Viru what he eats generally?He said, ‘Homemade clarified butter, it’s good, it makes no difference’I said, ‘Come, we’ll try chicken and then slowly..’ -Diet Guru!Now, Viru eats chickenThis was the first dinner he took me to My first meeting with Sachin TendulkarThe God of cricket was.. -Oh!I started watching cricket from the 92’ World Cup So I used to see it on TV and copy the movesthat I’ll become like him, and play like him When I first met him,my perception was that he likes me as much as I like himSo I met him, he shook my hands and went aheadI worship him and he just said ‘hi’ and he went his wayI realised when I became a player, and some players came in the team saying they’ve seen us and learnt cricketI also did the same with them, shook their hands and went my wayThen I realised that when you meet someone for the first time, you only do the gesture of shaking their handsYou don’t come to someone until you know them wellSo that’s why I was very shy when.. You were shy?I am stillPut this on record, you’re listen to this again and again, Viru was shy!Because many cricketers have told me that, never listen to anything Virendra Sehwag saysThis is very important in dressing room because people get influenced by whatever he saysAnil Kumble told me that he was easily making 100 runs, he was batting and then Sehwag came to him during drink intervalsand said, ‘What is this Anil pajji? Score big runs, it doesn’t matter’And Anil Kumble said he listened to him and next ball he got out!Sir, it was his century!He still made oneOn the Oval? -On the OvalI think, he dived for the 100th run -He dived, exactlyI was not there in that series, I watched it on TVWell, we talked about cricket Now, post-retirement you must be doing some workI researched -Yeah?In your house, people say that, Sachin Tendulkar repairs whatever he seesBe it a fan, light, and what do call it? -Earlier in dressing it used to be my glove, thigh guard, batIf someones shoes are torn, repairing that and everything I used to enjoy thatBut after that, I sometimes get time at my homeI look for things to repairThe housekeeping staff says that whenever you’re at home, they get two t-shirtsbecause he’ll make them work all dayHousekeeping is fine, they’re working for me but when Anjali gets involved..then it’s a bit of a problem because she’ll always say the house is looking good, why do this, why do thatAnd I can’t help it, it’s my habit Move the painting from here to thereChange the color of the wall Or put a mirrored glassSomething or the other is going with me alwaysBut why does he have to do all this? He endorses so many brandsThey have everything Fan, light, painting, get them and put it upThat Viru does! You go to Viru’s house, you’re sittingHe’s given everyone a correct job. He’s told Aarti to run the school, someone will do this jobThen Sehwag is sitting like a king, social media king!Okay Sathaye, what’s the name of the school?Sehwag International School -Sehwag International School!If you want an admission, you can contact Sathaye tooI think, we.. -No but,Congratulations and very well done because..By the way, this is not marketing but honestlyNo, I’m serious here because it is really a wonderful school and more such schools should be madeWe always used to say in dressing room, double it up!Will do that -Amazing!Thank you Now the God has spoken so I’ll have to do itBut these things that we are doing now, we did it in the dressing room tooLike he repairs my bat, repair Harbhajan’s shoes, or repair pad or glovesHe does the same in his house nowMy work during practice was to do throw downs for him Now he has stopped playingNow I do throw downs for my kids I give them orders from my seat,But by evening, I still have the habit of doing throw downs so I do it for my kidsI used to do it for him when.. Although he was never in tension, but whenever he was in tension thenHe’d say, ‘Come!’So I used to throw 100-200 balls, and he even used to ask, what’s the issue?So I always used to say, ‘God can never do wrong, just keep your head straight’I learnt from him, the way his head position is right, mine should be right too so I can play like him tooWhen his head falls down, so I tell him that one thingInvariably we used to talk to each other Like, what Viru can do from the non-striking endIn practise sessions, a lot of times we used to do throw downs for each otherI know, he’ll say now I haven’t done any throw downsNo, I wanted to say if I have done 200 he has done 10The ratio is always..But the student will always do more The master will do lesserBut so many innings you have played together In ODIs, you have done 93 partnershipsAround 10-12 times you have had 100+ partnerships Some 20 times, you have had 50+ partnershipsSo you’ve done very good batting,but did you know the first time that your partnerships will go on with him for so long?Because you were his captain too And only one T-20 match he has played,where you were the captainSo, Sachin Tendulkar.. -That I rememberI think that was in South Africa? -South AfricaI was trying to ask him If you have to tell him that he needs to go for fielding,so can you just say it or do you have to say, ‘Sir, will you please?’ -With authority!Say it with authority, ‘Hey, go there’ No, noBut I don’t have to tell him because whoever the captain of the team is,his aim is how he can contribute to help the captainThat was the biggest, would say, benefit of having Sachin on our teamthat whoever becomes the Captain, be it Dada, Rahul Dravid, MS DhoniI mean, one time during MS Dhoni’s captaincy, most decisions he wouldn’t go and say directly‘Lala, go tell him this’ So Lala used to get stuck between themSo I used to say, ‘MS don’t.. -No, you were the vice-captain too‘MS don’t kill the messenger, I’m just passing the message’So that benefit we used to getEven when I was the captain for one match, he was saying, ‘put him here and put him there’I remember, Sri Lanka test match in Ahmedabad -Yeah, rightElephant memory -No, exactlyHe even used to tell me Now I’m stuckAt one side there’s Kumble and other side there’s Harbhajan, tell them to stop speakingSo who will tell them to stop?So then I ask him to tell them, ‘Please stop, let one person speak first’I can’t tell Anil anything, if I go to Sardar, he’s screaming that, ‘Tell Anil to stop’So finally I have to tell him, God, please go and tell them to stop’That’s why it was a very big helpWe may become big players, Yuvraj Singh, Virendra Sehwag, MS Dhoni and everyonebecause our seniors, him, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Laxman,were very supportive, they used to help a lotI must have seen for the first time in life that MS Dhoni, who was so young, captained all three of themAbsolutely, absolutely -So this was his greatness thathe played under his captaincy without any disturbance, and support him completely and help himMay be that’s why they are great players and we are normal playersNo, he’s praising me and all, it’s fine but - Not because you’re hereNo, everyone’s aim was the same I mean, it’s simple -YesTeam’s objective is straight -Captaincy…Someone or the other has to become a captain but everyone of us wanted to go and win thereFor that, when an objective is formed, There are different opinions, there’ll be discussions on itDisagreements will happen tooBut as long as the objective of the team is one, -Objective is clearThen it’s rightThat was our point too, that there were different opinions but everyone wanted to winAbsolutely!So that is what mattered eventuallyBut you know Sachin Sehwag, -Once we were in Mohali,he called me in his room and I went He told me, “Tell the captain to push Gautam Gambhir to play”And Gautam used to be with me at all timesSo I asked, “Why don’t you ask Gautam yourself?” He said, “No, no, I will not tell any player,You tell the captain MS to push Gautam to play because he is an important part of our team,because you and him have an opening partnership in Test matches, which gives us the benefit”Then I went to MS and told him to push Gautam MS said, “If someone is injured, how can I push them?”So it’s his call that he’ll takeAnd his concern was who’s injured and who’s not, who do we have to fit, who do we make to play even if they’re a little injured to playNot that we win a test or a one-dayAmazingBut Sachin-Sehwag the opening pair, you started in 2002, then came the time of separationIn 2002, when England was touring India that is when we opened -CorrectAnd then there was a breakAnd then 2003 World Cup we saw Sachin-Sehwag again enterSo the reunion that happened, is there a story behind it?Actually what happened is, our New Zealand tour wasn’t so greatAnd I still remember, in the one-day series, at the start I twisted my ankleAnd in the last matches, I had to tape my leg and practiceSo I still played the last 3 matchesMy scores were 0,0,1First match zero- I used to talk to Anjali in the evening, she’d say not to worry,Second match again I scored zero- she’d again say, ‘don’t worry, it’s okay’Third match I scored one, she said, ‘well played, it’s much better than zero’So she even jokingly asked me, ‘Which area code is this? I’ve heard 011 is Delhi, 022 is Mumbai,so which area code is this?’She was trying to get me in the right frame of mind, in a good moodSo I play good in the next matchFrom there I went to New Zealand,then went to South Africa to play the World CupThere too, in two practise matches, I was batting at the 4th numberWe lost that match, so John Wright started panicking that we have to do somethingHe came to my room in the evening, and he asked me, “Where do you want to bat?”So I said, “John, wherever the team wants me to bat, I’m happy to bat there”“No, no, where do YOU want to bat?”I said, “You want my personal opinion? Then I feel I should be opening the innings”Okay..That is when Viru and I started opening together I think we played against Holland first, right?Against Zimbabwe -No, HollandFirst two games, Dada and Sachin opened -Ah, right, right -Correct, correctSo we got all out at 120 against Australia We lostA lot of chaos happened in India, stones were thrown, our effigies were burned tooAnd then we went to ZimbabweSo what happened in Zimbabwe is, John Wright called a meeting there,and asked everyone to make a chit of their desired opening pairSo 14 out of 15 chits were Sachin-Sehwag and one was with DadaI can understand Dada, that you must’ve put that chitBut then after Zimbabwe, I and Sachin started opening matches in World CupAlthough we didn’t do big partnerships, but we still did partnerships of 50-70 runsLater, against Sri Lanka we did some 100 run partnershipBut winning -Our starts were goodWe started winning and we got good starts and we played till the finalsBut tell me one thing -But our first opening in Kanpur,I’d like to say that, I got the chance for the first time to open with Sachin, against England in Chennai and KanpurIn Kanpur, we made 100 runs in 12 or 13 overs so when you asked, why the separation happened,it was John Wright and Dada’s conspiracy to separate usThen later on, when they were happy we came to openOkay, you know how Viru isSo we’ve heard a lot of stories that Viru used to sing while batting Only you can tell us now,if he sang in tune, what he sang, -And only..And when you have to tell him something, or change his song,so how do you communicate to Virendra Sehwag?So this actually started in World Cup, in 2011Again South Africa match, I precisely remember, we were standing,he was scoring fours, infact in all matches in the first ball he tried scoring foursSo I was going to tell Viru that it’s not necessary in every match to hit a four in the first ballThe bowler can also put a good ball, it’s alright you can score laterBut there was this thing with him,the first ball he had to score a four -Direct!And he used to hit a four, whistling awayThat time it wasn’t whistles, but songsSo I was wondering, I am telling Viru that, ‘Viru, this bowler might bowl here,you observe for 2 overs, and later for 48 overs he will observe you You play’So Viru is doing this and singing awayAnd 3-4-5 overs passed like this I was wondering what is happening?I said, “Now you have to stop or else I’ll hit you”Still he was doing this and then in a hurry he told me, “If I stop singing, there are a lot of thoughts rushing in,my mind isn’t in one place, it’s roaming here and there, so to keep my mind busy, I am singing”So I told him, ‘At least let me know what is happening in your head, then we’ll play accordingly’So that was it I think it was the South Africa match only, right?I thought I was playing too fast because I wasn’t checking the score board Suddenly, after 5-6 overs I glanced at the score boardHis score was 10 balls, around 28 runs My score was 20 balls, 22 runsSo I said, the opposite is happening here He’s become Sehwag, I’ve become SachinGenerally it’s the opposite, I play faster So that’s why I did not want to talk,because he might get disturbed if I say something or he says something to meI think, they say, when you’re brains working fine or when you’re empty, so you perform betterThat’s what was in my mind maybe, I’m singing songs and hitting ballsSo everything was going good, it wasn’t necessaryBut generally, I was used to Rahul Dravid or Gautam Gambhir, no need to talk, give a fist bump and do our thingActually, those two were very serious,Gautam Gambhir and Rahul Dravid? -Gautam was serious too and Rahul was serious tooThey don’t talk muchWe both had a habit of talking all the time When Dada comes, I used to speak with him in Bengaliso that the tension is low, be relaxed and play a natural gameAre you listening? He speaks Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, everything he used to understandBut in 2003, during the great India vs Pakistan match at Centurion, then it felt as if you both were singing in toneRafi and Kishore Kumar’s work was being done thereAnd it felt as in the first 2 overs, you wanted to win the matchI think in the first over, just when one ball went to the wicket keeper, you guys took a singleThat happened in first over actuallySachin, let me tell first -Yeah, you tellThe story is, we were fielding first, so entire 50 overs I was telling him, Wasim Akram will bowl the first overAnd I was so bad with left-arm fast bowlers, I got out to Chaminda vaas, Bracken in the first ballSo I got out to all left arm fast bowlers I was telling him this the entire 50 oversAnd he said, ‘No, my number is 2, I’ll remain at 2’After that, it was time for lunch and I was running behind him then, pleading“No, my number is 2”Finally I crossed the line, I said, take the strike- noReached 30 yard circle- noThen suddenly he went straight to take a strike to Wasim AkramSo, he played with me throughout and I kept thinking that, ‘Was he playing with me?’ - I was just pulling his legHe alone should not get the license to do timepassThen I was a little less scared First ball, he took a single and the second ball, I was on strike with Wasim AkramSo what you’re asking about the keeper, he wanted to save meSo to save me, even if the ball goes to the keeper, we run -Okay!That’s when he ran -We, the outsiders, thought, ‘What a co-ordination!’No, we ran but on non-striker run, I think..Moin’s? -No, it wasn’t MoinRashid’s? Wicketkeeper? -Lefty batsmanSaeed Anwar? -Something like Imran, FarhadSo that batsman was wicket keepingI think, the throw he made,I think, we were saved by this much?If it had hit the stump, you would have been outOn direct hit, I was out -Viru was out a littleBut better than getting out to Wasim Akram, is getting run outOur plan was such, honestly, that when we were sitting in the dressing roomIt was quite obvious that Pakistan’s bowling attack which was Wasim, Shoaib, Waqar, Abdul Razzaq, AfridiBut these three were the main bowlers- Wasim, Waqar, ShoaibIn their first burst itself, they were going for only wicketTheir theory was simple that a few runs were made here and there that’s no problemThey have to take 3 wickets, fastOur plan was that even if we don’t get runs in the beginningbut…this was my plan.I don’t know what he must be thinking, he’s whistling and there must be something else going on in his head.Have you ever listened to anyone, Viru?I’m listening now.The plan was that if we don’t lose wickets in the first 5-6 overs, then we’ll get runs anyway,because we had good batting, it was quite deep.Rahul was number 5, then Yuvi, Kaif, Dinesh Mongia… there was quite a god batting.So we knew that if we don’t lose wickets quickly, then we’re very much in control of the game.But the second thing is both of you have had good relations with Pakistan, you’re the Sultan of Multan.Sultan of Multan.Ya you’re the Sultan of Multan and you’ve had an amazing performance.So you must have some stories about Pakistan. You’ve told us all the Shoaib Akhtar ones.I think we were playing a Test match in Bangalore, and I was in very good form in that series.I made 201 in the first innings.So I was batting and Inzamam Ul Haq was standing in the slips and Kamran Akmal was the keeper.The batting went on for long so long off, long on, mid wicket.. Danish Kaneria was bowling on the pad.So I told Inzy bhai, “Call the long on ahead.”He asked “Why?”I said, “I want to hit a six.”He laughed and said. “You’re kidding.”I said, “No I’m not. Call him ahed for one ball and I don’t hit a six, send him back.”So he called the long on to mid on, Danish Kaneria bowled, and I hit a six and then he sent him back.Kaneria got really angry. He was like. “ Inzy bhai, why did you call him ahead?”He replied, “You just bowl.”He didn’t know the story… Such incidents happened with Inzamam.Inzy was a good man. Absolutely. I had a brotherly relation with him.He thought, ‘My brother has asked me to move the fielder, he wants to hit a six.’Inzy was very calm, he never got angry.Have you had any interesting conversation with Inzamam.No we never really talked that much, Inzy anyway talked less.For me a memorable experience was when we were in Pakistan.We had a practice session in Lahore.Their practice session was getting over I think and ours was beginning.So before we began, Inzy brought his son with him there.He said, “He’s a big fan, he wants to meet.”He had made him meet his son.I still remember, Whenever I used to speak with Inzyhe was very respectful and we started our careers at the same time more or less.He started in 1991-92 and I started around that period only. ’89. So we had a good relationship.There was warmth.One of the players actually told me once that he came up to you and said, “He’s my son but he’s your fan.”Yes he said things like that, but you know…That is very sweet.Yes. And the kind of rivalry we have.The Pakistani captain, Inzy was captaining them, to say something like this to a player from the other team, it takes a lot.There must be funny stories about Pakistan also right.I’ve heard that Pakistan was scared of Debashish Mohanty, left handed batsman.And there were incidents were people were confused about which direction he was swinging, does even he know?There is a very funny story about Debashish Mohanty. We were playing the Sahara Cupand at that time Srinath was injured, Venkatesh was injured, I think even Anil was injured.And Bhajji hadn’t made his debut.So Abey had hardly played 5-6 matches, one day matches. Debashish was playing for the first time.Harvinder Singh was playing for the first time.I was thinking who should open between the two. So I said, “Debashish, you do it because your ball swings a little more.”So in the first four matches, Debo got Saved Anwar out.Coincidentally after the fourth match, we had a function there.So Saeed Anwar comes up to me and says,“Everything is fine, but tell me one thing. What does Mohanty do? What is this man?”I asked him, “Why?”He said, “He comes running like this and he bowls. If I leave it, it comes inside, if I play it, it goes outside.What should I do, I don’t understand.And above that he comes running like this and asks ‘Do you know what I’m going to bowl?’So I said, “No, I don’t know anything.”Oh so there is a question in action. Yes, there was a question in his action like this.So he told me that he comes like this and asks what am I going to bowl. I said I have no idea.And coincidentally in the fifth match,I was in the slips and Saeed Anwar survived for a long while.I thought he was talking yesterday and today he has survived.And the level that Saved Anwar used to bat, we were scared that he would take the match away from our hands.So I removed the slip and I don’t know why, I went and stood at the short square leg, in front of the umpire, like catching.And the very next ball, Mohanty bowled in his legs, he flicked and it was in my hands. I looked at him.‘See, when a bowler gets after you, then you can’t escape.’I’ll tell you Paaji’s brilliant performances off cricket.I’m a little scared of him because he gives very good predictions.Once there was a Roger Federer-Cilic match going onand he told me what’s going to happen in the 3rd. 4th, 5th set. He was like I come to know by observing the body language.You used to bat with him, you’ve given brilliant performances. Did you ever feel that he can see the future?What did you learn from Sachin Tendulkar?He has so much experience, that he used to play with the bowler in his mind.‘He’s bowled an out swing, and I have hit a four, so the next one, he’ll either bowl back of line or on the wicket.So these predictions of his usually came true.So that’s why..200 test matches he has played, that’s why making 18000 runs is not an easy taskBanana?Just showing it youThis is not a lie, it’s the truthI feel that, I have learnt these things from him Later on I started thinking that,If I have scored two 4's here, then next balls will come hereAnd he used to share this while playing, ‘Lala, be ready, it’ll come straight now, might hit your pad’He used to tell this earlier on and next ball would come straight only -Wow!So, I got a lot of help, all thanks to himThat’s why I say when you walk with a lion in the jungle, no one looks at you, because everyone is scared of the lionOkay, that’s why you pile on scores? -So I quietly score runs,because I already know, this bowler is going to put a ball like this then..Wow! -which has helped until nowBut has this ever happened that you’re going through a bad patchand he said something that changed things? -I was not making enough runs, almost in 15-16 matchesso I was talking to him how I’m not making runs and I don’t have confidenceHe said that this time comes to everyone, it had come to him too But I couldn’t understandI asked him, ‘How will I make runs?’So he told me one thing, ‘Your mother and father are sitting at home, watching you on TV,So you try that you remain there for an hour or so If Virendra Sehwag remains there for an hour or so,they’ll know that he’ll make runs anyhowSo indirectly he told me to stand there for family, -Wow!so that your runs are made automatically ‘You just think that you have to show yourself for an hour or so’If any batsman remains on the field for an hour or two, which I tell my players during mentorship,that if you spend those one hour on field,your survival time is done there after that runs will be made anyhowAre you giving the royalty for this to him?That day I did not make runs actuallyWe talked about good things But I will give you some statisticsthat in ODIs, both of you have run out each other 4 timesWho gave the call? That’s what I wantThank God, the number is the sameIf it had been 4 and 2, then today.. -I will give you one more statisticsI’ll give one more statistic that in test matches,he never got you run out, but you have got him run out onceLet me tell you, this was not my mistake -I will clear thisIt was not his mistakeI still remember, we were playing in Adelaide,and Johnson was bowling -That was my comeback matchMy calculation happened so that, I had played the ball towards short mid-wicketand Johnson’s ball’s follow through always goes to this sideSo if you ever notice, if someone hits a straight drive towards Johnson, the ball goes from the frontIt did not spark my tube lightSo it was not Viru’s fault See! -Thank you, thank you!No one can forgive what you did to himWhat did I do now? -World Cup 2011, in BangladeshIn the first match right? -You got him run out in the first matchand that is not correctSee, later on I apologised to him If you tell me, I can do it on camera tooIn the dressing room I was saying, ‘Viru! What did you just do!’ I was like thisBut then, by the end of the inning, ‘Come here man’ -‘What did you do!’I said him sorry then itself -His batting is amazingMy mistake was, when he played short, he was saying ‘Yes’ and running after making the shotMy eyes were on the ball,so I did not see him, buut generally our understanding was that we see each other and run,But at that time I missed it -Watch the ball not during runningExactly So that was one mistakeI had come newly for test cricket, in 2002, against EnglandSo I was scoring sixes, fours and reverse sweep fours, and he was batting with meI told him, ‘They are bowling easy, why are you playing slow? Step out and hit one’He stepped out and the ball turned, he got stump outAnd he said the ball isn’t spinningI said ‘Yeah, but he his bowling that way too’he was bowling on negative lineBut that one ball turned and went straight in the hands of the keeper, and I said, ‘Viru’Just one time sir has got stump out, all thank to youExactly! Once in test match and once stump out, with meRun out wasn’t my mistakeNot in run outThe other one wasn’t your mistake too by the wayI was playing, how could it be your mistake -No but I gave the ideaIn 2011, one more mishap happened,which you always talk about that he did not let you see the matchFinal? -FinalAnd earlier you used to say, ‘Pajji taught me to do this, not do this, this is not correct, superstitions are not necessary, concentrate on the ball’And that one day When anyone asks Virendra Sehwag, what is your favourite moment in life?He’ll say, ‘I did not see it’Because of you!No, we were sitting like how he is sitting and like how you are So, he was sitting in front and I was facing the back sideWhen I was about to stand, he told me to sit down and then someone hit a 4I was sitting and talking and again when I was about to stand, someone hit a 4Then he asked me to sit down there only and not stand up We were sitting like this in front of the trunk, open it and it had his coffinIt had pictures of GodsWe were sitting like thisSo, finally in between M.S. Dhoni came in and at that time Virat Kohli and Gautam were battingSo, he told M.S, if righty gets out, then go for righty and lefty gets out, go for leftyAfter saying this, he went to the bathroom and then back outAnd then Virat Kohli got out and in place of him, M.S. Dhoni went for the batting,that’s why Yuvraj Singh didn’t play on number 4, when he was making more runsSo, that was also suggested by him This was the first time he directly passed a message to M.SOtherwise it always went through LalaAnd the result was in front of youSometimes it happens -But, there was more story in itWhen we were batting and chasing in Ahmedabad, we had our partnership at the startAnd I think, Yuvi and Raina were batting and they had a partnershipAnd at that time I was lying on a massage table in the dressing roomOur masseuse Amit was giving me a massage and Viru and I were talkingAfter a while I went quiteSo Viru told Amit, ‘You are wasting your energy for no reason, Sachin has already slept’I was just listening to everything and praying to God, let everything go wellI was listening and I thought, I’ll not talk right now, I’ll wait until the match ends and I was just lying like thatOnly during final, the same thought was going on in my mind that then also Viru and I were sitting and now again the both of us are sittingand everything is going right I told him, ‘You are not moving from here’He said, “Let me go to the washroom at least”, but I told him you are not going anywhere, whatever you want to do, do it here onlyControl! -But I was not aware about this right?Only God know all these thingsSo, this was going on in my mind I said, ‘You are not getting up from here’Ok, all the cricket talk is done and you guys know your standards,That today’s new generation is very romantic, as you can see Virat Kohli expresses his romance towards his wife on twitterRohit Sharma decides that on a birthday or anniversary, he will score 100 or 200 runsTell us, what was the last best present you guys gave to your wives?You are asking a God to lie -How did you go on back foot now!You first! You first!I think, I have never given many gifts to Aarti, but I have given so many surprises by reaching homeShe didn’t expect that I’ll be there, but I took night flights and reached herLike if a test match finishes today by 4:30 pm, I take a 5 pm flight in the evening and reach homeInvariably! We have given such surprisesWhat better gift than us!Tell me one thing, we don’t handle our money, our wives do then what do we gift them?They should gift us something actually Okay, you have reversed this!She handles all my money and I hope this is same with him because she got to know about this from his house onlythat Anjali looks after everything, then why can’t I?It’s a fact that she is the backbone of my familyYou know, before Anjali came into my life, it was my mother But with her now, Anjali is also thereShe is the most organised person I have met in my lifeShe is extremely organised, extremely!You know, she is not only organised about the big things but also the small things as wellIts her nature, it helps! Someone or the other has to make up for thingsWe are going to play a very interesting game, it’s called ‘Brain Fade’Brain Fade?My brain is already fadedI will ask the questions, you guys have to immediately answerFirst one: One bowler you think Sachin didn’t like to face?Abdul RazzaqOne bowler you think Viru didn’t like to face?BrackenMost talkative team mate?-Viru!Who had the best choice of music in the dressing room?-I would like to believe mePajji only! Because he is the one who gave me the Kishore Kumar songsWho has more ducks in test cricket?I don’t know..I am really bad at this -But one hand is in my direction only and one hand in yoursI am really bad at this -One hand is in my direction because I have more ducksand one at you, because you are creating ‘What The Duck’Most memorable wicket that you have taken?Ricky PointingYours is Ricky Pointing My memorable wicket is Steve WaughMadhuri Dixit or Kajol?Madhuri DixitI’ll always say Madhuri Dixit, favourite actressShoaib Akhtar or Brett Lee, who was quicker?Shoaib AkhtarShoaib -Oh -No debateGanguly or Sehwag? Who will win a 100 metres sprint?Ganguly or Sehwag?Sehwag -I think Ganguly will winI will lose fans on social media if you say thisThe better engineer Anil Kumble or Javagal Srinath? -Kumble -KumbleBetter dresser- Rahul Dravid or VVS Laxman?-VVS -LaxmanRight pad first or left pad?Left padRight pad -Why do you have to think so much?He’s asking about you only, no one elseI was thinking, I have to give time to think which one to wear firstWell done! Good performanceWe have checked your mental strength, now we have to check physical strength alsoThat’s why we have a game, which is known as ‘Hammer Game’Give it to Viru only..King of Haryana!Shall we?Lets go!So, this is the hammer machine and we are going to start with the great Virendra SehwagYour time starts now! -Here also I have to take a strike?Yeah you take the strike here -Every time you took it, right?Well done! Come onYou know, he doesn’t want lose here too! He will see how much Lala scores?Lovely! That’s Wonderful! Come on! Viru, Viru, Viru! Come on!950!No..It’s not even 900917, well done!Top 3 scores! Well done!Round of applause for Virendra Sehwag! Wonderful performance!All happening here and now Sachin Tendulkar!How close can you get?Come on!He’s practising also see!He has started from 917 itselfNo the score will come on the sideCome on, come on, come onOh! It’s 897!Well done! It’s all happening here!Well this is the reason I have done this show ‘What The Duck’It’s all happening here! I feel like Tony Greig!And the first man to come on stage is Virendra Sehwag What a player! Wonderful cricketer!How do you feel coming on What the Duck?Very good! You know I enjoyed all the two shows with What the duck, with you and now with the God!


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