The highest cricket ball catch - Guinness World Records

The highest cricket ball catch - Guinness World Records

The highest cricket ball catch

Exciting times were here at [Lords] the home of cricket and were going to attempt to set an official guinness world records title What were going to do is drop a cricket ball from one of our [bat] cams Theres one up there filming us at the moment Its going to go to a hundred feet drop a cricket ball, and then former England captain Nasa [Hussein] widely regarded as the best fielder of his generation will attempt to catch it Why have you put yourself forward - because I just woke up yesterday morning Was that the oval and I thought you know what I havent done Ive never [given] been in the guinness [book] of records And Im going to catch a ball from 100 feet Ive never caught a cricket ball and a pair of gloves before I Went to the bottom of my cupboard and this is what I came out with one from Jacob my boy And the other one, I [dont] know who maybe Josh butler or someone previously catching on this ground I dropped a gentleman called Graham Smith on to or something My goodness [he] went on to get 252 the last time I did a slip catching demo at Trent bridge You and the whole country laughed at me because I dropped an absoluteDolly the Minces have gone the [suns] in the eyes the winds blowing. I got no chance Three Two One Drop Yes, NasYeah Can we have it higher that was a bit too. [easy]. [that] was too. Easy, and though there was no wind no Movement nothing so we got a go a lot higher what we at now then so were at 46 [Metres] 46 [maybe] 150 feet here we godrop[wobble] yes. Hey stop a finger as well How high do these things go? Oh here we go. Right, were going 400 the maximum. Whats that how far is that? Its half. Half? Where are we now 105? Whats that? It still got a bit to go just just be patient Okay, three Two One drop There is oh my God Thats the wind! To give miles. We should have thought about I didnt [bartlett] honestly. Thank you very much [Zelda] Burger So Nasa you attempt to the official guinness world records title for the highest catch of a cricket ball.They had three attempts for this I can confirm [that] the last attempt was not valid as you did not catch the cricket ball (D:)Before it Adam. Thank you But fortunately your second attempt you reached an altitude of 150 feet [which] makes it a new official guinness world records title [slot]. So [youre] [saying] objects guys first cricket (Ohhhh :D)Thank you, very well done. Thats lovely that (Grats.)


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