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10 Interesting facts and Records about IPL : Indian Premier League (2019)

10 Interesting facts and Records about IPL : Indian Premier League (2019) Hello friends welcome to Dream11 Expert Team India, cricket is considered as a religion.Everybody here is crazy for cricket and today we are going to tell you about some of the interesting facts related to IPL which you will be stunned to hear. Each season of IPL is filled with controversies,and many records are also made in it.For cricket fans, we want to share someof the facts about IPLthat you neither knownor will you get such information from outside.So watch this videoand the IPL from April 7 to May 27 this year.10)IPL is such a cricket tournament in historythat together with four field commentators took part.This happened in the IPL 2015 tournament.These commentators were Anjum Choprawho is from India, Lisa Stalekarand Melanie Jones from Australiaand Isha Guha who is from EnglandThis four commentators have also beena former cricketer of their country.9)There are two such cricket playerswho have play

Where Cricketer Players Make the Most Money

Where Cricketer Players Make the Most Money Ever heard of a sport called cricket?Cricket may not be well known in some countries, but for others it’s a pretty big deal.So big, in fact, that some of the best cricket players have paychecks that would really blowyour mind!You may not know them, but you might just consider consulting them before your nextcareer change.Just make sure you move to the right country too.So what is cricket?The sport may seem a bit complicated for first time watchers so I’m going to try explainit as simply as possible.It could probably be compared to baseball, but there are quite a few differences. Two teams of eleven players each take turns to bat and bowl.Let’s call them Team A and Team B. In this case, bowling is kind of like pitching; someonewho throws a ball really hard at the person with the bat.The batting team, Team A, has two people at each end of a cricket pitch; a rectangular piece of hard grass in the middle of a grass field.Team B has a

Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag | What The Duck

Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag | What The Duck  So Viru is doing this and singing away And 3-4-5 overs passed like this I was wondering what is happening?I said, “Now you have to stop or else I’ll hit you”Still he was doing this and then in a hurry he told me, “If I stop singing, there are a lot of thoughts rushing in,my mind isn’t in one place, it’s roaming here and there, so to keep my mind busy, I am singing” Sathaye, congrats! -Hello, sir!How are you? -What The Duck 3!That’s amazing! -Budget has increased a little sir That’s all fine.. -Hello guys!Oh, hello! -HelloOh, you’re here too?I give this to him all the time Today, you’ll need this too Banana? -Keep it, I’ll tell you the storyI know why he gave it to me, Sathaye but I don’t know why he gave it to you Actually, Viru used to talk a lot in the dressing room about whatever is happening outside, what to do and what notBasically what I used to do is, far away from the dressing room‘Viru!’ At least he keeps his mout

The highest cricket ball catch - Guinness World Records

The highest cricket ball catch - Guinness World Records Exciting times were here at [Lords] the home of cricket and were going to attempt to set an official guinness world records title What were going to do is drop a cricket ball from one of our [bat] cams Theres one up there filming us at the moment Its going to go to a hundred feet drop a cricket ball, and then former England captain Nasa [Hussein] widely regarded as the best fielder of his generation will attempt to catch it Why have you put yourself forward - because I just woke up yesterday morning Was that the oval and I thought you know what I havent done Ive never [given] been in the guinness [book] of records And Im going to catch a ball from 100 feet Ive never caught a cricket ball and a pair of gloves before I Went to the bottom of my cupboard and this is what I came out with one from Jacob my boy And the other one, I [dont] know who maybe Josh butler or someone previously catching on this ground I dropped a gen